Vids Poly-Rythmo LIVE & theme

i'd putt up some vids (sorry for bad sound) of the first ever live performance of
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou Benin
So putt on your poly rhythmo legs and catch them if you can.

ojep the vid link

well maybe this is the thing to do.
Putt up those mixes i do when i have

let's see

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CoColombia el Discos Fuentes

Dailyleftover of some great Colombian tracks from the good old days. It starts kinda freaky with those happy accordion jodel tracks but then the shit hits the fan ..Colombia!!!!!

Sorry no tracklist but expect Pedro Lanza and lots of FRUKO.
(but you can always contact me for track info or more)
Get it here [re-up'D 07/2012]

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been almost a year..so i must been working way to hard or sleeping way to much

yes well..let's see if we can make this work.
But that is what i thought one year ago also
But that is life ..blogs come and go.
Maybe dailyleftover is not really a good theme
when you need 25hours a day ..lol

anyways i must be talking to myself ...
let's build something here ..or burn it

Afbeelding toevoegen

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