SHANGO 3/4 ~ many tasty flavours, African quality

enjoy part 3 & 4 of this almost 5 hours ride with real spaced out tunes from my deep dark crates

enjoy part3 HERE and 4 HERE
African born crucial deep evident funky good hilarious interesting jamming krazy lovely modern natural optic professional queer radical stimulating tremendous ultimate various wax x you z … and back

but ...

there is no X in Shango !

African All Stars
Aigbe Lebarty
Amaqabane (feat. Blondie Makhene)
Ani Obi
Ashanti Afrika Jah
Bebe Manga
Big John Oaikhena
Blackman Akeeb Kareem (and The Beautiful People)
Burundi Black
C.C. Machine
Chuks Eddy
Essien (Christiana)
Fred Rescue Jr.
George Maduka
Ghana Superbeats
Gnonnas Pedro
International Brothers Band
Ishie Brothers
Iyke Peters
Jimmy Sani
John Johngos
Lemed Janvier
Lijadu Sisters
Konadu's Band
Mamadi Diabate
Maxwell Udoh
Michot Dhin (and Three Points)
Mory Kante
Murphy Williams
Newman and Super 7 Band of Ghana
Odoyewu Band of Ghana
Papas' Got
Paradise Stars
Patricia Majalisa
Pili Pili
Popular Cooper (and His All Beats Band)
Quansah (Eddie)
Rail Band
Sam Bekoe
Sonny Okosuns Ozziddi
Stanley Edet Jr.
Sunny White (and The Clinks)
T-Bones (and The Coritz Family)
The Apostles
Toko And Naoussi
Uppers International
Victor Uwaifo (and His Titibitis)
Water Proof International Band Of Ghana
Willy N'for
Wonders International Band of Ghana
Young Africans Band of Ghana
Zulu Princess Futi

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