Electric Africa

extra extra! dailyleftover, as i start to enjoy'n this.
A very eclectic one that is ...
I had to play you'll some reggae tunes ..as most great African artist always putt some reggae tunes on their albums, that i rarely play but are as good as their funky stuff and contain also some great organ and synth work, i'd putt some behind each other ..before i had had to give it up for Julie Coker, the greatist voice of Africa. From there a wild track of Nguenang, Ivory Coast hottest find, first release on Musique Mondiale records that to me was only known for its Manding stuff >LISTEN TO THIS hot hot hot!
To celebrate the vinyl version of the African Pearls compilations that was running my ears already for a long time since Sterns putt these cd's in the world i'd thought lets spill some fuel for fire. As imho. the best tracks from that double cd of Electric Mali are finally scratched in black vinyl i putt my wallet up and now i am enjoying these on the decks.... i hope you will do the same!! [reup 14022012]
(sorry for the volume burst but that Idrissa Soumaoro tracks is so unbelievable good that i couldn't temper myself)

0:00:00 Lord Gabby - Music
7" Black Power ... Papa-Disco PDLP 09
0:03:37 I.G. - World Of Misery
LP Bomp 1980 Don Pedros Records DEP 001
0:07:50 Fred Smart Iykeh - Where Is The Happiness
LP Where Is The Happiness 1977 Scodisk Sounds SDX 3
0:13:25 Pogo Limited - Something Must Be Done
LP We Shall Win ....EMI (Nigeria) NEMI (LP) 0385
0:19:00 Julie Coker - Re Hese
LP Ere Yon (Sweet Songs) ....EMI (Nigeria) NEMI (LP) 0280
0:23:05 Nguenang - Wouck
LP Doty Gouock ....Musique Mondiale MAD 001
0:30:09 Basa Basa Soundz - Banyiriba
LP Basabasa Soundz 1975 Editions Makossa EM23.10
0:33:10 Idrissa Soumaoro - Djama
Compilaton Various - African Pearls- Mali 70: Electric Mali Discograph 6154186
0:37:12 Sid De Kayes - Moyola
Compilaton Various - African Pearls- Mali 70: Electric Mali Discograph 6154186
0:45:29 Orch. Guelewar Band Of Banjul - N.T.C.
LP Warteef Jigeen .... Discafrique Records DARL 007
0:54:21 Youssou N'Dour & Le Super Etoile De Dakar - Mouride
LP Mouride ... Masspro ED-008
1:01:42 Super Biton De S├ęgou - Bara Musso
LP Afro Jazz Du Mali 1986 Bolibana Productions BP13 / BOL 40
1:05:28 Bembeya Jazz National - unknown
LP Regard Sur Le Passe 1976 ditions Syliphone Conakry SLP 64

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Tribute to William Onyeabor

hi there suckers! I dont have much to mention here, as you probably know whats up here. A tribute to the man from Enugu, Nigeria.
The name Enugu comes from the two Igbo words enu Ugwu, or Top of the hill. Known for many things but for us only counts a place that spawned some serious synth records as it was also the place of Goddy Oku's Godiac Studio. In companionship of a collection of synths like Moog and Elka, William Onyeabor created from end 70's a rare collection of tracks on his own Wilfims label that is unlike anything else coming from Africa or even the whole world at that time. Under the influence of plunky spacy lo-fi funk and some fine (never credited) female vocals William Onyeabor gave fans his moral advice and wisdom for a better tomorrow that never came.

Anything You Sow
One early morning, I went to pray to my God in Heaven
And I asked God why we are suffering so much in this world
My God said to me. "My son, listen well............
If you plant cassava, expect cassava during your harvest my son
If you sow yam, expect yam during your harvest my child
If you plant trouble, expect trouble during your harvest my son
If you sow goodness, expect goodness during your harvest my child"
Anything you sow.......... you will reap during harvest, my people.

Today Chief Onyeabor still lives in Enugu picking the keys once ina while for the love of god and still for a better tomorrow.
So here it is; Tribute to the King of Enugu.

Tribute to the King of Enugu 1:26:18
0:00:00 William Onyeabor - This Kind Of World
LP Anything You Sow 1985 Wilfilms Records WLP 033
0:06:05 William Onyeabor - Love Me Now
LP Tomorrow 1979 Wilfilms Records WRLP 1003
0:13:00 N'Draman-Blintch - Saigner-L'Afrique
LP Cikamele' 1979 Cosmic Sounds CSLP2
0:20:55 William Onyeabor - Good Name
LP Good Name 1983 Wilfilms Records WLP 30
0:29:54 William Onyeabor - When The Going Is Smooth & Good
LP Anything You Sow 1985 Wilfilms Records WLP 033
0:40:55 N'Draman-Blintch - I First "U" Last
LP Cikamele' 1979 Cosmic Sounds CSLP2
0:49:03 William Onyeabor - Heaven And Hell
LP Crashes In Love 1977 Wilfilms Records WRLP 1001
0:52:46 William Onyeabor - Great Lover
LP Great Lover 1981 Wilfilms Records WLP 1010
0:58:25 William Onyeabor - Body And Soul
LP In Body & Soul 1980 Wilfilms Records WRLPS 1007
1:06:45 William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb
LP Atomic Bomb 1978 Wilfilms Records WRLP 1002
1:17:10 William Onyeabor - Tomorrow
LP Tomorrow 1979 Wilfilms Records WRLP 1003
1:22:25 William Onyeabor - Crashes
LP Crashes In Love 1977 Wilfilms Records WRLP 1001

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