Dancing In The Nude

BAM! it's dailyleftover pops and crackles time again. Enjoying those grooves from the motherland i pressed record and this is what we get. The first part has some great Afro Funk tracks, some Highlife and Disco Boogie monsters. In part two i lost my head on several beautiful things ...toutes directions!
Note some tracks are from the great compilation Ghana Funk from the 70s, a Essiebons candybox from Hippo Records.

i'll hope you enjoy it as much as i did to make it!
DancingInTheNude here
but make sure you also get here part.2(1:08:16) to rock your socks off!! [reup'd 170212- a dailyleftover classic!]

0:00:00 The Funkees- Dancing In The Nude
LP Point Of No Return 1975 Amba AMLP1001
0:04:12 Blo - Hypocrisy
LP Step Three 1975 Afrodisia DWAPS 56
0:08:55 Emma Ogosi - I Love You
LP Nobody Knows 1981 Phonodisk PHD 013
0:13:33 Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody Maestroes - All Correct
LP OTF 1979 Polydor POLP 036
0:16:55 Tony Grey And The Black Kings - Chukwu Dube Ayi
LP Congratulations EMI NEMI (LP) 0286
0:21:47 Tony Safro & His Funkii Afrosibi - Mensan Makyi (Don't Look Back In Life)
LP Ebeye Yie (It Will Be Alright) .... Tabansi TRL 188
0:27:22 Sonny Okosun - Steady & Slow
LP Fire In Soweto 1978 EMI NEMI (LP) 0330
0:31:50 Honny & The Bees Band - Psychedelic Woman
Compilation Ghana Special 2009 Soundway SNDWLP016
0:35:25 Off-Ons Ideh - Taking You Out
LP Magic 1985 R-AGE R-Age LP 006
0:39:14 Mike Umoh - Shake You Body
LP Getting On Getting Down .... Duomo DSL 008
0:44:33 Soki Ohale - On The Move
LP On The Move 1982 CAP CAP 012
0:50:10 I.G. -Disco Bomp
LP Bomp 1980 Don Pedros Records DEP 001
0:53:45 Kio Amachree - Dance All Over Me
LP Ivory 1981 S.K.J. Records SKJ 002
0:57:10 Kris Okotie - Show Me The Boogie
LP Show Me Your Backside 1981 EMI HMV (N)010
1:00:33 Nina Simone - Sinnerman
LP Tell Me More 1965 Fontana 858 004FPY
1:10:20 Rob -Read the Bible
Compilationcd Ghana Funk from the 70s 2009 Hippo HIP012
(original from Make It Fast, Make It Slow LP 1978 EssiebonsINLS 6127)
0:0:29 Apagya Show Band - I Am Black 7"
Compilationcd Ghana Funk from the 70s 2009 Hippo HIP012
0:04:15 Joy Nwosu & Her Group - Ile
LP Azania 1977 Afrodisia DWAPS 2017
0:08:13 Curtis Mayfield - Right On For The Darkness
LP Back To The World 1973 Curtom CRS 8015
0:13:50 Francis Bebey - La Condition Masculine
7" 1976 Disques Francis Bebey 17 FB 756
0:17:09 Christy Essien - Mind Your Biz
LP One Understanding 1979 Afrodisia DWAPS 2072
0:20:18 Nguenang - Doty Gouock
LP Doty Gouock .... Musique Mondiale MAD 001
0:26:14 T.P. Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou - Belle Belle
LP 0+0= 1980 Tangent TANLP 7007
0:34:20 La "Mus" Africa - Kesse
LP Zaire .... Sacodis LS-44
0:43:35 Eba Aka Jerome Et Le Sanwi Star - Aime Ton Prochain
LP Wonderful Of Africa ....Papa-Disco 019
0:52:50 Orch Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou Benin - Moulon - Dévia
LP Réveil Disco Dubain .... Disc-Orient D.O.007
1:00:10 Roots Foundation- Gimme Some More
LP Gimme Some More 1981 Skylark SKLP 012
1:03:42 Kolahyah - Leo
Compilation Afrodeclic 2002 KS Music KSLP02


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Thank you very much for this and also for the ReUp of "Electric Africa".

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Great Blog my friend, i've just descoverd you and the.....Nude is awesome!!!!!

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Could I get a re-up please?


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