Who Say I Tire ?
another dailyleftover for your personal fun. Whatever this is about
i didn't found out yet but still i thought it has too much great tracks
to keep it close. As music has no borders it goes all directions and
some you also should have on those great reissues and compilations
that we love so much(thanks soundway and others!). nuff said!

time [tt 1:41:59/ 256kbps] [re-up 070212]

0:00:00 Oki Martins - Life Fever
LP The Oki Martins Show 1981 Ama Sun SUN LPS 1001
0:04:35 S-Job Movement -Love Affair
Compilation Nigeria Disco Funk Special 2008 Soundway SNDWLP010
0:10:10 Colomach - Cotocun Gba Gounke
Compilation Nigeria Rock Special 2008 Soundway SNDWLP011
0:12:40 Dennis Mac David - Books Are Treating Me Bad
LP Bugalulu 1978 Aberdeen World-Star A.W.P. 101
0:17:15 Jerry Boy Fraind _ Gamblin' With Love
LP Leave That School Girl 1977 Muomaife Groovy LDLP 3003
0:20:58 Cloud "7" - Can You Do It
LP Keep On Tryin' 1978 EMI NEMI (LP) 0369
0:25:40 Sweet Breeze - Advice
LP Advice 1978 EMI NEMI (LP) 0337
0:28:42 Melvin Ukachi -Mr. T
LP Evolution (Bring Back The Ofege Beat)1981 EMI NODLP 003
0:33:00 T.O. Jazz with Miss Adjoa Badu - Osaman Ba
Compilation Ghana Special 2009 Soundway SNDWLP016
0:37:22 Christy Adiele - Omuru Mezie Omuru Nwa Oma - Ekele Nwa
LP Work Before Pleasure - MTC 020
0:48:07 Stevie Wonder - Maybe Your Baby
LP Talking Book 1972 Tamla T 319L
0:54:48 Frank Fyne Rock Express Group - Be Aware
LP Frank Fyne's Express 1977 Go Gay, Muomaife Groovy GGLP 1013
0:59:43 Basa Basa Soundz - Banyiriba
LP Basabasa Soundz 1975 Makossa EM23.10
1:02:32 Segun Bucknor - Who Say I Tire
LP Poor Man No Get Brother 2002 Strut STRUTALP 005
1:05:25 Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats - Right In The Centre
LPAfro Soco Soul Live 2005 Soundway SNDWLP005
1:11:03 Atomic Bomb Zigoto - Menyeckse
Compilation Booniay!! Afrodisiac Records AR02
0:03:23 Nina Simone - The Backlash Blues live
LP 'Nuff Said! 1969 RCA SF 7979
0:06:19 James Brown - Deep In It
LP Sex Machine Today 1975 Polydor PD 6042
0:10:34 Curtis Mayfield - Hard Times
LP America Today 1975 Buddah BDLP 4033
0:13:54 Monomono - Lida Lou
LP Give The Begger A Chance 1973 Odeon EDL-02.01.99
0:19:15 Ofege - Whizzy Ilabo
Compilation EMI Super Hits Vol.2 1982 EMI HNLX 5208
0:22:22 Sahara All Stars Band Jos - Enjoy Yourself
Compilation Nigeria 70 2001 Strut STRUTLP 013

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