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find tomorrow better tomorrow here [re-up 02.04.2012]

0:00:00 Harlem Congregation (A Documentary Recording)
LP 50s Ducretet-Thomson Records (London) TKL.93119
0:03:09 Marijata - Brain Washing
LP Pat Thomas Introduces Marijata Gapophone GAPO LP 013
0:06:44 Okukuseku & 3Axes - Ye Kaye O
LP One Man No Chop 1982 Muomaife MRL 542
0:12:16 Marijata - I Walk Alone
LP This Is Marijata Gapophone GAPO LP 012
0:19:21 The Upsetters - Blackboard Jungle Dub (Version2)
LP Blackboard Jungle Dub Clock Tower LPCT 0115
0:22:57 Jimmy Cliff - Black Queen
LP King Of Reggae 1976 EMI- 5C 050-05404
0:25:42 Jon-John Dukes - Black Is Best
LP Mother's Love 1978 ACB ACB (LP) 001
0:29:40 Rock Of Ages - I Like To Go Home
LP Rock Of Ages 1978 Victory Sounds VRS (LP) 003
0:34:12 Bongos Ikwue - All Night Long
comp. The World Ends p1 2010 Soundway SNDWLP23A
0:37:41 Billy Jones & The Stars - All My Brothers Are Clean
7" 1970 Catfish 5C 006-24119
0:40:48 Tala André Marie - Hot Koki
7" 1975 Fiesta Records 51.251
0:43:10 Chukwudi Nwafor - Ego Uwa
LP Ihu N'Anya 1979 Dobi Records DBLP 010
0:48:57 MFB - Boredom Pain (original LP Where Are Our People?)
comp. Lagos Disco Inferno 2010 Academy ALP-004
0:53:54 Funkees - Breakthrough (original from 7")
comp. The World Ends p1 2010 Soundway SNDWLP23A
0:57:14 Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou - Debrouiller N'est Pas Voler
LP Trop Parler C'Est Maladie Albarika ALS 058


Z j A k said...

Do you really have this Ferry Djimmy Lp ?! PURE MADNESS.

dailyleftover said...

hi pierre,
you mean the original LP sleeve used for this image? no i just found it/used it because of his great smile. Should i look for it? ..as me like pure madness

calumbinho said...

Love the Chukwudi Nwafor and the Okukuseku. Thanks!!

Unknown said...

Pure gold. The best collection ever. This is not leftover but a rarety and precious. Thanks a miilion for posting.