Angelitos Negros Latina

due various inspirations i played me some latin stuff i like to share with you all my silent friends

“Nêgo Fugido de Acupe - memória viva da escravidão no Recôncavo”
photo by Bere Ramos
Casa do Benin Salvador - !Belo!Bahia, Brazil.

Nêgo Fugido
The "Negro fled" is part of the cultural memory of Santo Amaro.
Every july the Acupe (Santo Amaro - Bahia, Brasil) is transformed into a huge stage with a fantastic and rich scenario. It recreates the attempted escape of slaves, who are hunted down and tied, and then buy their freedom. The kids with the coaled faces on the photo representing the runaway black slaves who are tracked by the hunters in skirts made of banana leaves. Inbetween the act a slow dance is performed accompanied with percussion and rhythmic chanting which has connections with Candomblé.
more info here, see flick

Angelitos Negros Latina tracklist
0:00:00 Eartha Kitt and Henri René Orchestra
Angelitos Negros LP That Bad Eartha 1957 RCA Victor LPM-1183
0:03:24 Eartha Kitt –Paint Me Black Angels
LP Not So Old Fashioned 1970 Music For Pleasure MFP 50075
0:05:43 Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble – Latin Funk
LP Just Like Magic 1979 Latin Percussion Ventures, Inc. LPV 470
0:07:50 Willie Colon – Sangrigorda
LP Cosa Nuestra 1970 Fania Records LP 384
0:13:13 Jose "Chepito" Areas – Guaguanco In JAPAN
LP Jose "Chepito" Areas 1974 CBS Records SBP 474217
0:16:39 Willie Colón – MC2 (Theme Realidades)
Comp.Salsafania 1978 Fania Records FLP-701
0:20:14 Fruko y sus Tesos – El Preso
LP El Grande 1975 Discos Fuentes FUE-201011
0:24:55 The Afrosound –Bananaticoco
LP Sugar Ice Tea 1973 Discos Fuentes 237304
0:28:38 Bebeto Castilho –Princesa Negra De Angola
LP Esperanças Mil 1977 Copacabana COLP 12129
0:32:05 Jorge Ben – Errare Humanun Est
LP A Tabua De Esmeralda (Brother) 1974 Philips 6349 083
0:36:36 Gnonnas Pedro & His Dadjes Band –La Combinacion
LP The Band Of Africa Vol. 4 1978 Take Your Choice Records TYC 91-L
0:44:35 Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Dadjes – Tues Tout Seul
LP The Band Of Africa Vol.2 1976 African Songs AS 52-L
0:47:01 Wganda Kenya – El Toro (Gnonnas Pedro)
7" 1979 Discos Fuentes FUE 0074360.8
0:51:11 Gnonnas Pedro –La Musica En Verite
LP Tube 80 "Kalapchap" .... Éditions Gnoinsopé T-80-002
0:58:05 Macario Prudencia Y Su Salsa Antillana – Neshi Di Vruminga 7" 1976 Prucia 003
1:01:47 Macario Prudencia Y Su Salsa Antillana – Cabuya
7" 1976 Prucia 002
1:05:33 Macai Prudencia Y Su Salsa Antillana –Changéle
LP Mi Ta Donjo Di Hoffi 1978 Prucia MP-002
1:08:55 Africa Show – Ritmo Da Ilha
Comp. Folclore Angola 3 1976 N'Gola NGSLP 9005
1:11:02 Doble “R” Super Special Stars - Auto Biew
LP Di Paranda!1978 Grabaciones Special G.S. 007
1:13:28 Doble “R” – Bo Ta Gana
LP S.S.S. Kalentando 1986 Isireco Rec. 023
1:16:04 Doble “R” – Chiviriquiton
LP Canta Y Alegrate Con Doble “R” S.S.S. 1979 FAC Records FLP 006


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Hi there, this is a great mix!!!!

One thing though: it is very nice that you provide a playlist and it looks like it is basically ready for a cue sheet, so perhaps you have one made already? If so, is there any way to include these in the archive file? It would save so much time for so many people. Of course, we are grateful to just hear such wonderful music! It would be so nice too to pick out certain favorite tracks to make our own mixes. Thank you again for all the good you work. The salsa is excellent, as is the opening black anthems!

dailyleftover said...

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