ROCK AFRICA - Music Makes You Happy

I do hope you all had a great summer! Under the sun i enjoyed this piece of rock

0:00:00 Kabasa - Unga Pfula A Chi Pfalo
LP Searching 1981 Atlantic ATH 4048
0:04:40 Akido - Confusion
LP Akido 1972 Mercury SRM 1-644
0:09:25 Ofege - Evil Child
LP The Last Of The Origins 1975 EMI NEMI(LP)0150
0:13:19 BLO - Dont
LP Chapter One 1973 EMI EMI(LP)001N
0:16:40 BLO - Don't Pull The Form Under Me
LP Step Three 1975 Afrodisia DWAPS 56
0:23:51 The Savers - Keep Them All
LP Love To Love 1977 Marconi EMI 2C06482.445
0:26:10 Jerry Boifraind Natto Band - Natto Crazy
LP Natto Revolution 1977 Muomaife MRL 501
0:32:40 The Savers - Answer My Question
LP Love To Love 1977 Marconi EMI 2C06482.445
0:35:15 Founders 15 - Don't Take Me For A Ride
Comp. The World Ends 2010 Soundway SNDWLP23A
0:39:54 Tony Grey Super 7 - Peace Of Stone
LP Come Back 1976 EMI NEMI(LP)0187
0:45:05 The Hygrades - In The Jungle (Inst.)
7" 1972 EMI HNS 1247
0:47:43 The Savers - Check It Out
LP Love To Love 1977 Marconi EMI 2C06482.445
0:50:16 Rock Of Ages - Do Not Believe(What People Say)
LP Rock Of Ages 1978 Victory Sounds VRS(LP)003
0:55:18 Akido - Psychedelic Baby
LP Akido 1972 Mercury SRM 1-644
0:58:04 Dan Ian Spades - Wondering Lord
LP Love-Day Rock Chapter Two 1976 Go Gay GGLP 1003
1:03:15 Guelewars Band Of Banjul - Honda
LP Tasito 1980 Productions Jambaar PJ JM 5001
1:06:20 The Peace - This Is The Time Now
RepressLP Black Power Groovie Records GROO 0011
1:10:35 Ofege - Frustration
LP How Do You Feel 1978 Polydor POLP 030
1:13:57 BLO - Music Makes You Happy
LP Phase IV 1976 Afrodisia DWAPS 2009


Kostas from Greece said...

Hello And Thank you Again.
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Thank you again very much...
Happy you still give all these excellent compilations.
Kostas from Greece.

Kostas from Greece said...

mooO.K. I found it.
Thank you.

Dondoka from Santa Fe said...

I can usually download yr stuff but this one says "archive broken" tried 3 X. Also can't print to CD comps over 80 minutes...that being said thank you thank you for wonderful only found here african, latin, caribbean sounds!!! Blessings upon you.

dailyleftover said...

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happy 2015