Diggin' the Southern Gold

Howzit chommies? with the South African miners everlasting struggle in mind i made this DLO, and so why not share it? All here is in some way connected with S-Africa, as by exiled or musicians in neighboring countries - anyways info thyself and get deep down on GOLD! + little roundup ~ HERE

01.diggin' for gold
0:00:00 Hugh Masekela ‎– Coal Train (Stimela)
Comp. Liberation 1988 Jive HOP 222
0:07:40 Baca Tribe - Isicathulo
Comp. Field Recordings by Hugh Tracey ‎– African Dances Of The Witwatersrand Gold Mines, Part 12/ 13 1973 Gallo DLPL 319/320
0:13:14 Ishoba Lembongolo ‎– Icala Iakho Ndoda (Its Your Fault Gentlemen)
Comp. Singing In Open Space (Zulu Rhythm And Harmony 1962-1982) 1989 Gallo BL 680
0:16:24 Miriam Makeba ‎– Unhome
7" Miriam Makeba ‎1964 RCA Victor 86.374
0:19:06 Miriam Makeba ‎– A Piece Of Ground
Miriam Makeba ‎– Pata Pata 1967 Reprise RS 6274
0:22:37 Dollar Brand ‎– Black Lightning
LP Black Lightning 1976 The Sun SRK786138
0:36:52 Oneness of Juju ‎– Soledad Brothers
LP A Message From Mozambique 1973 Black Fire SES-19735
0:41:41 Kabasa ‎– Love To Ralph
LP Kabasa 1980 Atlantic ATH4042
0:44:04 Kabasa ‎– Kabasa
7" Uzozibona 1980 Atlantic ATS 830
0:47:19 Kabasa ‎– Pickin’ Up The Pieces
LP Searching 1981 Atlantic ATH4048
0:52:42 Harari ‎– Party
12" Party 1980 A&M Records SP17183
0:57:13 Era ‎– Phesh' Akomlambo
LP Manyano 1980 Atlantic ACH1000
1:02:04 The Juveniles ‎– Thokozile
LP Thokozile 1978 Reprise 95019
1:05:00 Steve Kekana ‎– Iphupho
LP Iphupho 1980 EMI JPL4007
1:07:58 Xidiminguana ‎– Psinwayanan
Comp. Rítmos De Dança Moçambique Ngoma LPL0133
1:11:08 Amayenge ‎– Kuchibombo
Comp. Zambia!! an Introduction 1989 Mondeca MON001S
1:15:42 Pedro Langa ‎– Kuni Ndlala
Comp. Música De Moçambique Ngoma LPL0135
1:19:36 Armindo Salato ‎– Mucate Na Mainge
Comp. Conjunto 1ºde Maio 1983 Ngoma LPL0111
1:23:47 Lima Jazz Band ‎– Kapele
Comp. Zambia!! an Introduction 1989 Mondeca MON001S
00:00 Orch.D.O.7 Shirati Jazz ‎– Nyiengo Thiro Oganda
Comp. Super Sounds of Africa Vol.1 1975 Africandisq RASLP005
04:26 Orch. D.O.7 Shirati Jazz ‎– Okechja Adhiwa
LP Long Life To Mery 1977 Ticco JCLP022
09:06 Mpouet Zalebi Reggine ‎– Africa
LP Mpouet Zalebi Reggine .... Africana Star ASLPS 008
14:50 Goré-Bi-Zadi ‎– Zroagnin
LP Zizaga .... Gore Bi Zadi GIBG001
20:00 Hafusa Abasi & Yahoos Band ‎– Sina Raha
7" Hayeshi Mawazo 1978 Africa AFR1024
24:53 T.O. Jazz ‎– Owuo Adaadaa Me
7" Aware Bone Agu Manim Ase 1971 Philips West African Records PF335051

"The curious beauty of African music is that it uplifts even as it tells a sad tale. You may be poor, you may have only a ramshackle house, you may have lost your job, but that song gives you hope. African music is often about the aspirations of the African people, and it can ignite the political resolve of those who might otherwise be indifferent to politics"'Nelson' Rolihlahla Mandela prisoner nr.46664 at Robben Island / 23th (and first black) President of South-Africa

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