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We all know that Latin music has it roots in Africa due enslaved who were shipped to the South-Amerikas. Religious rhythms to execute worship ceremonies to the African gods camouflaged into song and dance (as African song and dance= worship) concealed the real meaning from the uninitiated (read: slavemasters). With finally the abolition of slavery and a greater freedom of expression it all flourished into what we see to today (shaking tits and ass flesh, a.k.a. Brazilian emancipation). But where do we read about Latin music coming back to Africa due merchant vessels and freed slaves coming back to their homeland? ...hmmm interesting
but then again, as we say here at d.l.o. “music knows no borders” .... this is Latin connection (made at 33°C) Enjoy!
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TRACKLIST Latin connection ~ sweet breeze no heatwave
0:00:00 Gnonnas Pedro ‎– Yiri Yiri Boum (Benin🇧🇯)
LP El Cochechivo 1981 Gnoinsopé ‎– EGK-002
0:04:44 Joël Lawani ‎– Combination (Benin🇧🇯)
LP Gnonnas Pedro présente 1981 Polydisc – MAS-1001
0:11:40 Francis Koffi Kingsley – Dego (Ivory Coast🇨🇮)
LP Wey Len Nobel 1978 Société Ivoirienne Du Disque ‎– LPS-07
0:18:00 Los Reyes 73 ‎– Un Lamento Hecho Cancion (Cuba🇨🇺)
LP Los Reyes’73 1975 Areito ‎– LD-3573
0:21:55 Orquesta Los Van Van ‎– Ese Es Mi Problema (Cuba🇨🇺)
comp. Super Exitos 1992 Areito ‎– LD-4795
0:28:11 Cortijo Y su Combo Con Ismael Rivera ‎– Chambeleque (Puerto Rico🇵🇷)
LP Cortijo En New York 1959 Tropical ‎– LPR-55515
0:31:11 Ruben Blades ‎– el Plantacion Adentro (Panama🇵🇦)
comp. El Poder de La Salsa vol.5 FM Discos-011002465
0:36:57 K. Frimpong and his Cubano Fiestas ‎– Yaw Barimah (Ghana🇬🇭)
LP Cubano Fiestas 1976 Ofo Bros ‎– OFBLS-1011
0:42:30 Atakora Manu ‎– Palm Wine Seller (Ghana🇬🇭)
LP Disko Hi-Life 1980 Ambassador ‎– LPAM-029
0:45:22 Gnonnas Pedro y sus Panchos de Cotonou – l’Indomptable Gnonnas Pop (Benin🇧🇯)
7” Abito xx Songhoï ‎– SON-804
0:48:00 The Ramblers International ‎– Ima Abasi (Ghana🇬🇭)
7” Ima Abasi 1968 Decca ‎– GWA-4210
0:50:32 Roy Chicago and his Rhythm Dandies ‎– Hello Mambo (Nigeria🇳🇬)
7” Feso Jaiye xx Philips-West African-Records ‎– PF-383488
0:53:46 Eboa Lotin ‎– Munyenge ma Ngando (Cameroon🇨🇲)
7” Munyenge ma Ngando 1968 Philips ‎– PF-384440
0:56:43 Sagbohan Danialou ‎– Agosa (Benin🇧🇯)
LP Sagbohan Danialou 1982 A.V.A.– PALP-011
1:01:48 Orchestre C.V.D. ‎– Cherie Fite (Upper Volta🇧🇫)
LP Vol.2 1975 Club Voltaïque Du Disque – CVD-16
1:08:10 Dexter Johnson – Estrellas Africanas (Senegal🇸🇳 /Ivory Coast🇨🇮)
LP Conjunto Estrellas Africanas 1979 Disco Stock ‎– LPDS-7901
1:14:50 Dalia Negra ‎– Mulata Asanhada (Suriname🇸🇷)
7” Saludo Guajiro 1980 H&D Records ‎– HD1007-80
1:16:38 Melody-Stars – Que Guapa Eres Marga (Suriname🇸🇷)
7” El Merenque del Sranang 1982 Green Onyx ‎– VS-198255

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