South-Amerikano - Suriname Soundz

S-American Fantasy Express - part 1
Carnaval season started this week (11 November at 11:11 a.m.) so a reason to visit S-America, home of the medicine against almost everything; Music!
But wait, before you going to change for your peacock suit -it is all a bit too early for that. With this dailyleftover we first let some sunshine in our heads with some beautiful cosmical latin before we exercise our muscles with the loco Salsa, Samba, Charanga, Merengue and Batucada ...so take the couch out and make some space amigos .. bailar exitos [refresh 18082010]

Bigi Pokoe [music of Surinam]
pulled out some Surinam music for my own personal fun but i think nice to share it with you'll. As i think most of you people don't have a clue what to expect here, this music spawned some real HOT dancehall nights. Kasèko with it's Big Drum Bass and FAT Brass sound is what you get. but as all is great we leave much space for almost everything ..some Surinam made Funk, Calypso, Reggae, Afrobeat and even a great rap cover of Dillinger's Cocaine In My Brain will pass the Dutchie from the left hand side :) ..so turn your bass up

for your information :)

Please listen to it once [UPDATE 2011]

South-American Fantasy Express tt: 59:50 [file size: 84KB]
00:00 Ines Barroso - Cococ Di Mane 7" Brazilian Folk Songs ....Supraphon SUL 32151
01:40 Jorge Ben - Errare Humanun Est LP A Tabua De Esmeralda (Brother) 1974 Philips 6349 083
06:25 Jorge Ben - Jesus De Praga LP Tropical 1976 Philips 9286 490
09:50 Celia Cruz - Santa Barbara LP La Excitante 1968 Disques Vogue CLVLXR 579
13:33 Charanga '76 - Detras De Ti LP Madison Sqaure Garden 1978 TR Records 139X
19:44 Hermanos Ferreira - El Pachan Guero comp. !Charanga! .... Tropical Records 5182
21:39 Las Chicas Del Can - El Africano comp. Merengues Para Bailadores ....Not On Label L.LP 1006
25:55 Fernandito - Los Saxofones comp. Merengue Special 1983 Latin Sound 831984
30:20 Doble-R - Kanta Duru Lubid'e LP Kalentando Isireco Rec. 023
36:15 Alma Brasileira - Tem Doutor Na Transa LP Alma Brasileira 1978 EMI Brazil BR 89.002
38:54 Les Aiglons - Cuisse La 12" Cuisse La 1977 Disques Debs HDW 006
44:50 Tipica '73 - Salsa Suite LP Los Dos Lados De La 1977 Inca Records SLP 1053
53:55 Judge's Nephews - Novios LP Los Sobrinos Del Juez 1976 Copacabana COLP 12060
57:28 Grupo Bota - Solos LP Untitled 1977 Discos Fuentes / Velvet De Venezuela 252024

Bigi Pokoe [music of Surinam] tt: 1:02:07 [file size: 87KB]
00:00 Lieve Hugo - Mi Bè Bè LP Wang Piepel, Wang Nation 1975 EMI-Bovema Holland 5C 056-25287
04:00 The Kaseko Masters - Se Koele 12" Fierie 1982 Fisureco International FOS 45019
09:09 The Kaseko Masters - Mama No Loekoe A Deng 12" Mama No Loekoe ....For Glorie GLO 5005
13:10 Real Gano - Ding Oema 12" Wiwiri 1981 Doglau DG 81004
17:30 Kwasiba Bersaba - Na Wie Alla Dja 12" Na Wie Alla Dja ....Unice Records U.R. 80.091
20:37 Vyent Combo - Je-Je-Je LP Jajo Libi 1977 Unice Records URLP 004
23:27 Happy Boys - Jorka Soepoe LP Switi Momo 1978 Fajalobie Records FL 433.015
27:58 Erwin Bouterse and Roetoe - Groovy Weekend 7" Need To Be Loved .... Unice Records 067
31:56 Johnny & Orquesta Rodrigues - African Woman LP Hey Mal Yo 1974 Negram NR-110
36:00 Dem Mama - Alla Lendjie LP Foe Wie Na Wie ....Not On Label CLP 7742
38:52 Mighty Cisco & Flash Tropical Steels - Free Me Up Baby 12" FTS+B ....FAC 012
43:13 Real Saramacca - Gotoe Ketie LP Tai Mie Ede 1981Disco Amigo DA 33024
47:29 Iwan Esseboom - Dai Mi A Kokoti
12" Meets Cosje 1983 Pokoe PK 45049
57:16 Happy Boys - Kronto [Hey Jim! spell for me Paramaribo] 7" Kronto 1977 Fajalobie Records FLS 41006


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