African Keys

enjoy slow cheesy keyboard burners from Africa here [reup 16022012]

AFRICAN KEYS tracklist
0:00:00 Dennis Mac-David - Computerman
LP Bugalulu-2 1980 Aberdeen World-Star Production A.W.P. 103
0:07:12 Ernest Honny - New Dance
LP Star Of The Sea .... Christiana Satel SAT LP 190
0:11:20 Scream Highways - Sleepy Lizzy
LP Beware Of Sleepy Lizzy ... Homzy HCE 033
0:14:48 Lijadu Sisters - Promise
LP Sunshine 1978 Afrodisia DWAPS 2046
0:19:29 Perry Ernest & The Afro Vibrations - Sweetie In Love
LP Time Waits For No One 1978 Polydor POLP 028
0:27:28 Jenny Ano - Music Is My First Love
LP Natural Woman 1979 Afrodisia DWAPS 2084
0:34:33 Kikola Salaïka & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - Ebandakala
LP Vol.1. ... Sodogil Editions ELS 013
0:24:20 Guelewar Band Of Banjul - Jilanna
LP Warteef Jigeen .... Discafrique DARL 007
0:50:00 John Migan Et L'orchestre Sodo-Sodo - Mayéwo
LP Isabella .... Sodogil Editions ESL 015
0:55:03 Apostles - Today Is Tomorrow
LP Black Is Beautiful EMI NEMI0212
0:59:20 Black Children - Love Is Fair
LP Love Is Fair 1976 RTS RTLPS 001
1:03:17 William Onyeabor - Better Change Your Mind
LP Atomic Bomb 1978 Wilfilms Records WRLP 1002
1:11:05 Frank Fyne's Express - Struggling Child
LP Affair 1978 Scodisk Sound SDX 4


J said...

Amazing stuff! Thanks!

calumbinho said...

Man, I know it's not your thing, but if you could post the guelewar's whole "warteef jigeen" album, you would make so many of us soooooooo happy...

In any case, thanks a lot for the two tracks from that album you've posted so far.

dailyleftover said...

hi calumbinho said, i can record it for you and send you link ..as i indeed dont post albums :)

calumbinho said...

Oh man, that would be SOOOO wonderful! Can't find an email in your profile, though. Mine is spammehere10@gmail.com (it's the one I use when I have to post it up on the internet for everyone to see, hehe). If you could do that for me, that would be absolutely awesome!

dailyleftover said...

calumbinho cheq your spambox >enjoy

calumbinho said...

Thanks so much! If you want an (incomplete) index of some of the albums I got in mp3, just in case I got something that might interest you, send me an email and I'll pass it to you.

QUIZ NITE said...

you have the best records

polux said...

hello, is it possible to re-up please? link is dead and i'd really like to hear that heat ;o)

dailyleftover said...

UP'd & new link

polux said...

thanks!! ;o)

Unknown said...


Amazing compilation! Just as calumbinho I'm very interested in obtaining a digital copy of the Warteef Jigeen album. If you could provide me with this, I'd be very grateful!



my gmail.com-address is: jon.brannstrom

fitz said...

Hey There

the african keys comp is also amazing
If I give you my email can you record that computerman ALBUM and sendspace it to me?

Let me know?


Szef Bartek said...


Link to African Keys is down. Could you please provide a new one?

Thank you for this excellent blog and the joyous music with which you have enriched my life.

Unknown said...


as Calumbinho, I am desperately looking for the whole "warteef jigeen" album, could it be possible that you send it to me to my email address?



Mouhamadou said...

Hey man. I would also need a list of the albums you got as well as the LP Warteef Jigeen from Guelewar. My email is mouhamadoundiaye1986@gmail.com. thanks