Caribbean roller

"my daddy cant be ugly so" and more hot crazed Caribbean here

~enjoy HOT ROLLER tt: 1:44:02

0:00:00 Lord Melody – Mama Look At Booboo
comp. Calypso Cavalcade Vol.II 1972 Sounds Of The Caribbean – SLP735
0:03:14 The Mighty Sparrow ‎– Cuff Them Down
7" Cuff Them Down .... Ra – RA 411
0:06:04 Duke Of Iron ‎– Mambo Calypso
LP Sings Calypsos 1970 Sounds Of The Caribbean SLP730
0:08:58 Carl Beaver Henderson ‎– It's Alive
LP a Touch Of Class 1978 Semp Production SSL0018
0:13:24 Ed Watson And The Brass Circle ‎– Music Is The Word
LP One More Time 1976 Circle Records CRL1006
0:17:05 Double Feature ‎– Dead Weight
12" Dead Weight 1980 RH Productions RH107
0:21:40 Colleen Grant ‎– Latin Parang
12" Latin Parang 1980 RH Productions RH102
0:26:58 Disco Warriors ‎– Cumbaya Disco instr.
12" Cumbaya Disco 1977 Remy RD0007
0:30:23 Merchant ‎– Um-Ba-Yao
7" Um-Ba-Yao 1987 Kalinda KD562
0:33:56 Glen Mason Infinite Love Experience ‎– Tell Me Do You Like It
12" Tell Me Do You Like It Music World Records MW119
0:38:48 Clymax ‎– Carnival Boogie
7" Carnival Boogie 1978 WIRL B641
0:42:00 Ed Watson And The Brass Circle ‎– Judgement Day
LP Heavy Roller 1980 Circle Records CRL 1014
0:45:36 Ed Watson And His Brass Circle ‎– Don't Stop The Party
LP Hot Soca Circle Records CRL 1012
0:50:48 Chappottin y sus Estrellas ‎– Canallon
12" All Singers .... Afro-Disco AD28
0:53:30 Exile House ‎– Les Souriantes
LP The Bomb 1979 3A Production 3A153
0:59:08 Bookelos ‎– BOF
LP Oh! La La - Légende 1977 3A Production 3A041
1:00:40 Exile House ‎– We The Youth
LP The Bomb 1979 3A Production 3A153
0:05:35 Exile One ‎– Cadence Lypso
LP Exile One 1976 Barclay 80.596
1:09:31 Jay Mitchell and Hot Ice - Junka Party
LP Bahamian Roots 1983 Junka Records JR-INS
1:13:10 Exile One ‎– Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You
LP Exile One Greatest Hits (Revised) 1977 Barclay 80.657
1:16:40 Alix Jacques Cole Cole Band ‎– Tessa's Theme
LP Cóle Cóle Band 1980 Macaya Records 152
1:23:23 Henry-Wenceslas Thenard Band - Good Trip
LP Direct Dance New Sound Of Guadeloupe 1984 LM Production LM6020
1:27:50 Tappar Zukie - Freak
12" Freak .... Stars TZ 1022
1:33:50 Biosis Now – Independent Bahamas
comp. a Nation Is Born .... Bahamas Nationhood – 10756
1:41:00 Lord Radio And Bimshire Boys ‎– I Wrote A Simple Song
LP The Midget And The Giant .... Rad Records 005


Micke Hanås said...
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Mmmm said...

Thanks for a great contribution! I saw in a previous post that you sent somebody the Guelewar Warteef Jigeen album, could you please post it on the blog? or send to mogadonien@gmail.com. Would be amazing, thanks again!!!

Unknown said...

Hello my friend, there is some incredible music in this mix. Would you be able to provide hq mp3 of any of the track's in it? Also, where are you from and how do you come by this music? I would love to know more about your story. I am based in London and regularly DJ this music.